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Paint the Future Party: DURBAN

We, the Life Check Youth Development Initiative need equipment in the form of aerosol for our PAINT THE FUTURE Project, and you are looking for A GOOD TIME and A GOOD CAUSE, so let’s meetup halfway at the ALLIANCE FRANCAISE in Morningside, in DURBAN on Wednesday the 14th of SEPTEMBER  for the PAINT THE FUTURE PARTY 

where your TICKET is in the form of a DONATION of A CAN OR PREMIUM QUALITY AEROSOL.

Lemme break it down:  for R50 WE GET a can of paint for our stockpile for our PTF Project, and YOU GET a good time, a good feeling AND a goodie bag.

What’s in that bag?  Well, that depends on your ticket.

See, for one can of paint (R50), the HARDCORE TICKET, you get the jol, a JET WENTWORTH “Flightpath” e.p. and a customized T-shirt.

For two cans of paint (R100), the CHROME TICKET, you get the jol, a JET WENTWORTH “Flightpath” e.p., a SPITMUNKY album and a customized T-shirt.

Finally, for three cans of paint (R150), the GOLD TICKET, you get the jol, a JET WENTWORTH “Flightpath” e.p., a SPITMUNKY album, a customized T-shirt and an AUTHENTIC CUSTOMIZED ARTWORK courtesy of DC (this could be anything from a peak to a single kick, painted up proper by one of Durbans top writers, a true STREET ART TROPHY for the collector in us all!) 


S.A.P.S Walls #2 and #3

Surface Attack Production Squad walls in Durban…

Piece on the Corner: S.A.P.S Video by Amehlo Productions

Video from the first Surface Attack Production Squad project: connecting property owners with artists through legal walls… Corner Cafe, Durban

Corner Peace from Amehlo Productions on Vimeo.

Gangs of Graffiti Q&A with Clinical Psychologist Mandy Kok – Editorial

We spoke to Clinical Psychologist and artist Mandy Kok about the psychology behind graffiti art, vandalism, authority’s response, art and more…

Why Get Up? from Amehlo Productions on Vimeo.

We hear plenty of talk about the “rebelliousness of youth”, even to the point where we have commodified it, in some cases even celebrating it. Could you talk to us about what this impulse is, where this impulse comes from?

Each developmental phase is characterized by certain growth processes and tasks or imperatives.  The psychological task of adolescence is to separate from our parents and establish our independent and distinctly unique persona. We do this by switching our reference focus from parents to peer group, by pushing the boundaries of previously respected norms of being that have been established by authority figures, by experimenting with new ways of being that challenge “the folks” but earn acceptance into the new “in-group” or “gang”. Read the rest of this entry

Municipal ‘War on Vandals’ a Farce – Editorial with Prof Jeff Robinson

The piece in The Citizen (19 August 2011) titled “R180 000 to clean up wall” once again tried to use gross figures to squeeze much needed support from the rate payers of the Durban Metro.

Read below what Durban Metro rate-payer, Professor Jeff Robinson of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) Music Faculty, discovered when he dug a bit deeper into the issue of THE CITY SPENDING RATES MONEY ON VANDALISM.  After reading about the incident involving the seven artists charged with MI2P (Malicious Intent To Property) Robinson has this to say:

“While I have clear and strong views on the absurdity of the police action, most of these have already been well articulated by other contributors. What I want to draw attention to is the gross INattention of our municipal law enforcement bodies to contraventions of municipal and national bylaws, policies and prohibitions that actually do have negative impacts, aesthetically and environmentally. To catch the culprits in these cases is dead-easy; there is no need for ‘special investigators’’’.

Firstly let us take the issue of advertising signage. The municipality has clear and unambiguous regulations in this regard, yet look at how many campaign posters from the 18 May elections can still be seen around Durban even though they were by law to have been removed no later than 14 days after the election (i.e. 1 June 2011). The remnants of many of these will be with us for a very long time given that two of the political parties chose to paste their posters to public walls and other surfaces with an adhesive. This is defined as ‘bill-sticking’ and is expressly prohibited in the eThekwini Municipality Advertising Signage Policy(2005). The prohibition on ‘bill-sticking’ applies to all forms of advertising and yet we find contraventions just about everywhere we turn in Durban. The accompanying photos were taken at or near the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Identifying the perpetrators is easy, but have any of them been charged or fined?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What is a far more serious ‘neglect of duty’ on the part of municipal law enforcement is the failure to bring to book contraveners of the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act (1983) which makes clear that ‘Category 1’ invasive alien plants ‘may not occur on any land or inland water surface other than in biological control reserves’. Most people of oblivious of the degree of invasion by such plants and this is probably good news for the municipality given that it is the landowner guiltiest of contravening this regulation.  Through neglect, large tracts of municipal land have become the hothouses from which the cancer proliferates. Just take a drive along Grosvenor Rd. (off Rick Turner) to get a sense of what I’m talking about. You can easily tick off at least 10 Category 1’s (e.g. Chromolaena, Lantana, Bugweed, Brazilian Pepper, Mexican Sunflower, Balloon Vine, Inkberry, Guava, etc.), not to mention the only somewhat less problematic Category 2s and 3s (Syringa, Jacaranda, False Umdoni, etc.). ”

Robinson has pointed out what many consider to be the “double-standards” or even lack of standards that the municipality has displayed in targeting these seven youth for their actions that fateful Sunday.  One can see why many supporters of these artists believe that they have been abused as a collective soft-target in the municipalities much trumpeted “war on vandalism” that is apparently costing us all so much.  It would be interesting to see this type of “zero tolerance” approach being applied to the perpetrators of the acts Robinson describes above. 

We would welcome ANY response from the municipality in this matter.

Protest Art

Latest in The Citizen

The Citizen continues its coverage of the case with another report by Paul Kirk, which you can read here.

And apart from the criticism on the Internet – municipal officials suspect that some of the gang’s supporters went on a vandalism spree after their arrest.

Diamond said: “The day after the arrest there was extensive vandalism by spray-paint in Durban North. Someone went and sprayed the “tag” FTO all over roads along the freeway. We suspect this was in revenge for the arrests.”

You can read Kirk’s original report here and – courtesy of the Mahala comment stream – another side of Paul Kirk’s reporting here.

This is, in no way an attempt to attack Paul Kirk, but rather his tendency to take speculation into the mainstream media and further discredit the artists’ case.

V is for Moron by Kirby Kruger

Words like “vandalism spree” and “Private Investigator” are almost as powerful and incriminating as “wealthy and privileged backgrounds”. It’s clever and alliterative, the way they use all of those V-sounds. I read Paul Kirk’s article a few times over and tried to find other fun words like “villain” or “varmint”, but I realize that this is because I involuntarily began reading the article in Yosemite Sam’s voice and couldn’t help it.

V-sounds are powerful and vehement! That’s probably why Kirk used the word “vandal” sixteen times, so we’d know. It’d sound silly to say things like “public goofing” sixteen times. It’d be, well, goofy. And Kirk wrote this article very seriously. Read the rest of this entry

Durban Needs Your Art: Submit to Happy’s Durban

Happy’s Durban is a publication launching in Durban in another move

toward community upliftment… and it’s got space for art.

Happy’s features events, stories and ads from around the city with a ‘street press’ format – big on character and local flavour. It will be sold for R2 throughout the city by people who keep money from sales for food and shelter.

The call is out for street artists who are looking to showcase their illustrations in the spirit of the publication: credit given, no money. This is about art and community.  

 Happy’s is looking to feature 2 local artists per issue, each with 2 or more pieces of work (own choice.)
Single-colour images only, fresh style, cool characters, Durban’s energy.

email Renee Bentley for submissions and information

First S.A.P.S Wall: Corner Cafe

Putting the ART into HEART… Surface Attack Production Squad gets busy on a SUNDAY IN DURBAN… painting a LEGAL WALL.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Images by Tyran Roy)

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