Article from The Daily News 2009 by Sally Scott

Graffiti artistry has always been somewhat edgy, in that many of the artists who create the works, which often crop up in unusual places, are mysterious renegades who shun publicity.

One such secretive artist is London-based Banksy – who is constantly pulling off “audacious stunts” – one of which was to erect a three-storey scaffolding in central London, in front of a CCTV camera.  He then produced what is believed to be his biggest work yet.  This was done at night, behind a security fence, despite being watched by the camera.

The work, near Oxford Circus, showed a small boy, watched by a security guard, painting the words: “One nation under CCTV.”  Banksy’s artwork which commented on Big Brother society then disappeared
equally mysteriously.

Cade and React – as they are known by their pseudonyms – are two Durban graffiti artists.  You may have seen some of their bold artworks around and about.

Hopefully, as 2010 hoves into view, works like these will appear more often around our city.

Fewer potholes, more arty graffiti please


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