Mercurial Misrepresentation by Karen Logan

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The unfinished wall in remembrance of Eiy5.  Images by Karen Logan.

Gang definition: ‘An organized group of criminals’.

How does a group of young artists painting during the day, in a highly visible area with no attempt to hide their actions, on a wall that has been painted annually in the memory of a deceased friend get arrested and then labelled a ‘gang’ by our local paper that is meant to support the local arts scene? How much money has the city spent on a private investigating company to help the police ‘bust’ an event that would have been easily discovered by a simple Facebook search?! This smacks of opportunistic, attention-grabbing abuse of public responsibility on a soft target that clearly believed they were acting within their rights. The Mercury photographer could have got a much better quality picture had they asked the young artists involved to stand next to their mural with the pride they can deservedly wear for attempting to brighten up an area the city clearly doesn’t have the resources to uplift.


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  1. i actually can not believe this, as a active writter i have been told i am under investigation for doing something i love…this system we “FOLLOW” is not “aweeeeeh”not at all. as far as i know sydney road wall berea park have been legalized for many years

    as a writter i know for a fact, those writters were not vandlizing.Had they been vandilizing the cops would never have caught them they would have been done in a matter of 5minutes tops.BECUASE A VANDLE IS DONE QUICKLY

  2. Well said Karen, this is standard abuse by the corrupt thieves in office, we need to reform the Durban Collective and start takin it back…

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