Piece in Mind – Ewok

A piece in mind brings peace of mind

So watch me take a piece of my mind and transform it into a piece on a wall

the mind behind the piece is so intense that the wall falls

Behind the wall lies all the crushed fantasies of a fake world

See me step through the destruction into

the fields of growth under the skies of purity and plenty into

the reality of true humanity

See me

standing free examining these surroundings an sounding out

The horns of my Soul Army coz

the fake world had me building defenses against those who

wanna harm me and

my sound is so strong that I hafta step back trip back an

slip back

back through the gap in the wall back

onto the concrete streets of the fake world of fences and razor wire that

lock us in an lock us out an lock us down as

we struggle to reach higher

An I’m thinking “Damn!”again

pickin up The Can again

an with the can in hand I’m damaging coz I’ve seen the real

world they wanna leave to waste away but I won’t waste my

days with wasteful ways watching the fake world leaders

getting paid to pave the way to the city of consumerist kings

gleaming with the bling that

stings my real eyes coz I realise I’ve recognized the real lies

recognized the truth behind the gold tooth:

they want to control the old folk so they’re capturing the youth

They’re capturing the youth with useless material lies to


material lives coz

in the fake world of fantasy only money survives

coz soft souls get stabbed with bread and butter knives but

some souls survive coz

some souls are striving to better lives

surviving by finding better ways to spend days under

the gaze of spotlight or sunlight or streetlight or shadows

better ways to spend days like

decorating ye average pathways with ink or paint sprays to

reconnect you with reality to

knock you out of the fantasy

For Example:

a canister is sinister when administered by a vandal but a

vandal simply administers the similar prevalent policies an

politics of sinister ministers with

a similar disregard for the general populace

these are those who are bent on stopping this simple search

for self-worth

and identity but

indeed they will never succeed coz in deeds of destruction lie

the seeds of true action

a vandal becomes a vigilante with a simple shift in direction


despite the evident intent to do damage

when you’re looking for a tool of transformation through the

expression of creation

when properly handled

you’ll find that’s what a can is


don’t question those that are questing to destroy all walls by

laying paint up so thick that even the hardest walls fall coz

they see the fantasy in

the construction of city buildings turning country side into cell

blocks with easy to use locks to hide the scars behind the

disguised bars of the latest cars and technology so the next

man won’t be as cool as me coz I got the latest piece of


manufactured easily just by burning a few trees


if you gonna let them burn trees just so you can live life with

ease then we gonna continue to break ye fake peace treaties

coz you made piecing a crime but

a piece in mind brings peace of mind


we keep piecing using pieces of free minds to piece coz ye

simple black and white politics cracks with the chaos of

abstract colour in a wildstyle turning ye flat surface into 3D

depths of perception that gives character to a world of clones


ye clean suit is useless compared to my paint covered clothes


those who know about the real world beyond the weak walls


continue using aerosol to give souls air


you better believe you can’t stop The Body Rock


in a world where motion is made a commodity an moving

freely is viewed dangerously by a capitalist royalty the si-

step becomes more alarming than suicide bombing coz

it breaks barriers without harming and

an individual human body becomes a breathing bleeding

banner of

The Battle

The Battle we fight daily when

we battling the average methods of regular movement

approved by those who regulate our movement


when we use movement in an irregular fashion to

unlock passion with a backspin or

free lives with freestyles or

cross tables with crossfaders or

make house calls by tagging walls it’s

evident that we can’t be policed with paper policies coz

physically we stay mentally free




can’t be broken when we breaking

breaking out of the flock coz

when you strike the mind you strike the body rock


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  1. Dear Ian

    We would like to discuss an Opportunity for you & your team, to display your creative talent & artwork (grafitti) at King Shaka International Airport.

    Should you be interested please feel free to contact :

    Theresa Mariayia
    083 731 0564

  2. Dear Ewok. You rock my world. xoxo Thank you.

  3. Dear Ewok, Dear Graffitti artists in Durban

    all my support and solidarity !
    Painted walls , creative expression in a city are essential and even vital for the urban environment;
    different cultures, different point of views, different background also, for sure,
    but i would like to share the example of dear friends in India who started humbly to paint their houses and created an incredible community project in Mumbai , then Delhi and other cities…
    lovely sundays we were spending, decorating the streets, sharing colorful moments with the neighborhood ..
    please check on http://www.thewallproject.com
    and graffitti mumbai facebook
    an experience to share and show in example, as they made the fanciest streets of Mumbai
    and hope you can join them soon!

    in the meanwhile, the Alliance Française is open to you guys ,
    we can organise meetings, conferences, exhibitions on the matter, and let’s celebrate Durban on our (inside, so far…) walls;
    we would be happy to host your creative expression
    Let us know when you want to organise something

    Sarah and the Alliance Française Team

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