Don’t Tag Me… An Edutainment Piece by Lance Liebenberg

So I’ve tried to stay relatively out of this whole “gangs of graffiti” entanglement some Durbanites have found themselves ensnared in, other than the odd Facebook update with rather limited scope. To offer full disclosure, there are three reasons for this:

  1. I am absolutely in love with graffiti and the hip hop culture, (have you ever seen a  broke crack-head search a carpeted floor on the third day of his binge for the piece of rock that dropped out his pipe? Me neither, but if Hip Hop was that rock, I’d spend all day on my hands and knees with my nose on that carpet)  have been since I started skateboarding at the age of ten, (I’m much older now, almost thirty, but it’s okay, Ray Kurzweil says if we can just live long enough to see The Singularity we’ll probably live forever, seriously, google it) and so I feel it would be difficult for me to write an un-biased “opinion piece” on the subject.
  2. I count many of Durban’s original Hip Hop innovaters, founders, activists, graf artists, and vandals as friends or acquaintances, (my friends are totally cooler than Paul Kirk’s; he hangs out with lesbian Nazis and people that still laugh at Vernon Koekermoer jokes [Actually, the lesbian Nazis sound like a good time out]) once again this would push me towards a natural alliance with them, and nullify any validity of standpoint. (Or at least in the eyes of those working for and supporting “The Man”)
  3. I work for “The Man.” (See what I did there?) I am currently employed, and have been for quite some time, at Independent Newspapers Limited, who produce The Mercury and were responsible for a massively (in my view) irresponsible, or at the very least, poorly researched article.

This puts me in the unique position (and mindset: rebellious teenager siding with the super-hero-graf-vandals sticking it to elitist-society on my behalf,  crossed with,   must go to work everyday and behave myself to pay for rent, car, booze and various other things I don’t need but love to have) of being the so-called insider. The voice of dissent amongst the ranks, (if Captain Jack Sparrow and Hunter S Thompson  made a baby, I’d like to think of myself as that five foot, hairy, foul mouthed baby) although I don’t believe I am the only one, there are surely more voices within the establishment that feel the same way. However, I have not yet seen any of them put their hands up. (Admittedly I haven’t looked that hard either.)

By now the facts, and I mean the real facts, (like Evolution and Scientology) have been well covered in alternative media spaces such as and mainstream on East Coast Radio, so I wont go over them again. (Unless I do: seven men were arrested for spray-painting a municipal wall, for I think the fifth year in a row in remembrance of a dead friend, which they had been given permission to do so by the assumed owner and were publicly labeled gangsters, vandals and criminals.)

I would instead like to steer this debate in a direction I noticed a few people heading towards in the Mahala comments section, but perhaps wasn’t fully fleshed out. This being the covert control of our mainstream media by globally networked elitist round-table groups. (dunn dunn dunnnn: The Bilderberg Group, The Illuminati, The New World Order and and and…) 

 A quick search on wikipedia will give you all the info you need about one Tony O’Reilly  (’Reilly)

 “He is known for his involvement the Independent News & Media Group, which he led from 1973 to 2009. Perhaps Ireland’s first billionaire, a status lost in 2008-09, he remains one of Ireland’s richest citizens.”

 “In the 1990s INM bought into South Africa (from 1994),[21] Australia (from 1988) and New Zealand (from 1995), acquiring 38 newspaper titles, over 70 radio stations, cable and telecoms interests at a cost of around €1.3 billion”

 “On Friday 13 March 2009, it was announced that on O’Reilly’s 73rd birthday, 7 May, he would resign as both CEO and a member of the Board of INM, to be succeeded by his son, Gavin. Further, the often-criticised large size of the board would be reduced from 17 to 10, and would include three nominess of Denis O’Brien. These announcements were actioned, and O’Reilly became President Emeritus of the group”

 “He made contacts at high levels, which sometimes included becoming friendly with controversial figures such asHenry Kissinger and Robert Mugabe.”

 So what does this mean?

 Without boring you with all the details, which I could never properly explain in type and don’t have the time or inclination to try, (go to youtube and watch; The Obama Deception and Endgame) it means that our news-media printed here where I sit typing this right now, in Greyville (Daily News, The Mercury, Independent on Saturday, Sunday Tribune, POST, Isolezwe and Isolezwe Ngesonto) are largely directed by a single family in Ireland, with very close ties to the Kissingers and Rothschilds. The notorios elitists bent on world domination, population control and enslavement of the human race for the own benefit. Also: they kick puppies.

 So… what is the point of all this rambling?


If you rap, write a song about what’s happening, and upload it to youtube, soundcloud and every blog that’ll post it. If you’re an artist, do a relevant piece, whether on a wall or a canvas and put it where someone will see it, if you’re a promoter or club owner, have an awehness and benefit night for the seven guys affected, if you can use a keyboard, get on the blogs and comment sections of the papers and HAVE YOUR SAY!

Don’t let apathy become a weapon of the oppressor. When your doors are one day being kicked in by armed “police” because you were a questionable member of society, flagged through your online presence, you’ll wish you had said something when you still had the chance.



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