Word From the Weekend

We’re back on it with more opinion and information pieces about graffiti and the movement behind the Aerosol 7 this week. We’re building momentum so keep checking the blog for announcements of events around Durban as we spread word on graffiti art and the guys’ trial on September 14th.

There has been some cool coverage on blogs and news sites over the weekend. Check them out and like our Facebook page to stay connected.

“The Writing’s on the Wall” – Nikita Ramkissoon writes for Times LIVE

Andy Davis covers “The Aerosol Seven” on Mahala

Mr Msomi stuttered his way through a statement, saying things like “as far as we are aware they did not have permission to paint the wall,” which hardly instils confidence in the state’s case. The crux of his poorly articulated statement was that he could not discuss details due to the case pending.  Ewok finished off with killer style: “equating spray painting with vandalism is like saying politicians with money in their pockets should immediately be accused of corruption.”

Russel Smith offers a personal view on the (mis)representation of the writers in mainstream press

Excellent consolidation of information over at Durban is Yours

And one more time if you missed it… a multimedia report on The Mail and Guardian


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