First S.A.P.S Wall: Corner Cafe

Putting the ART into HEART… Surface Attack Production Squad gets busy on a SUNDAY IN DURBAN… painting a LEGAL WALL.

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(Images by Tyran Roy)


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  1. Here you have it all, one PHAT CULTURE of COLOR, no tension, no pretension, just good intention inspired by COMMUNITY and good weather…nothing says POSITIVITY like a whole lotta CANS! Beautiful photos Tyran, you really hit the mark and caught the feel of the day and the mission, MUCH RESPECT!

  2. its a pity none of the 031 seven could even paint on this wall

  3. scared to express

    Sorry to sound negative but i don’t understand why durban graff isn’t doing anything new, the work seems to simply be a repeat of a previous wall but in different colours. I see people painting together but not really collaborating on a bigger picture, turning it from just paint on a wall to something that has meaning. It would suck if 0317 becomes a bandwagon for some…

    Sometimes i wonder what the point has been after 10 years supporting local graff.

  4. Catian Rooter Zion

    Dear “Scared to express” –

    Maybe if there were more platforms and spaces to paint then the art could improve? Are you doing anything to improve art artists skills, are you painting anything for the public? Supplying paint for the artists? Why are you scared to express your point of views on the lack of skills in person, but brave enough to say it on an open forum (where your identity is hidden)? Maybe if the artist had a larger range of paints/budget, time, opportunity, open minds around them then the art would improve. Open your mind and do not doubt the potential in Durban. Do not stop supporting! Get involved!

  5. Okay guys, lets all get our heads together on this.

    One, this wall was done as rapidly and as haphazardly as it appears strictly to get up fast and counter the prevailing negativity around aerosol that was pervading the press and the public. It was a fast all call out to writers who had paint and were down so we could kick off our legal wall campaign.

    This is why it isn’t finished yet. Writers are finding time to come in and complete their respective contributions.

    Two, we paint what we feel like painting. We are not engaging in any kind of competition. If you don’t think Durban is on a level with anywhere else that’s totally cool. Graffiti Art should stay as objectively analyzed as any other form, and that is your opinion. It isn’t anything for anyone to be blamed for however. You might change your tune when you see some of the walls that are going to be up by the end of the year, but then again, you might not.

    Three, no offense, really, but what do you mean “supporting local graff”? You buying paint for cats, or hooking up cats with walls? How exactly have you been supporting Durban Graff? I’m a bit confused by this. You seem to be feeling let down in some way and i’m not that sure why?

    Four, our whole campaign is dedicated to developing the scene. Many of the cats who will get up on our walls are still young in the practice and this will be the first time they will be getting down on productions of this nature. This is part of our plan, to give young cats a chance to grow into the scene. If we put in the work now, with these young fresh talents, then in a couple of years time we gonna be shining just fine!

    and Five (finally!), the 031seven heads were contacted, and most chose not to get up as it was too close to their arrest date and they were keen to play it cool for a time while the heat was on. Those fellas will be painting in the next little while, in one form or another, I know this for a fact.

    Listen, we are actually not in this for any other reason then to spin a negative into a potent positive. i realize, reading your comment, that this is obviously not clear to you, but stay tuned, ‘m sure it will make some sense soon, or at least not bother you so much.

    Alternatively, this seems like a perfect opportunity for you to start your own mission maybe? You seem to have quite a clear idea of what is lacking. We welcome any initiative you put into place that “supports Durban Graff…”


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