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The Citizen continues its coverage of the case with another report by Paul Kirk, which you can read here.

And apart from the criticism on the Internet – municipal officials suspect that some of the gang’s supporters went on a vandalism spree after their arrest.

Diamond said: “The day after the arrest there was extensive vandalism by spray-paint in Durban North. Someone went and sprayed the “tag” FTO all over roads along the freeway. We suspect this was in revenge for the arrests.”

You can read Kirk’s original report here and – courtesy of the Mahala comment stream – another side of Paul Kirk’s reporting here.

This is, in no way an attempt to attack Paul Kirk, but rather his tendency to take speculation into the mainstream media and further discredit the artists’ case.


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  1. Rhyan rocking rolling rudman

    Just so they can sell more newspapers people like that are fickle.

  2. Seriously paul kirk has some issues!!!!!!

  3. Paul Kirk is a pseudonym being used, there are 3 paul kirks on record and none of them have ANY relation to journalism or any media for that matter. This is more than likely a fictional name being used by authority,hell,not even his cellphone number is on record……

  4. I didn’t particularly want to get involved in this online debate, but now I have to ask…how the fuck do they arrive at the absurd figure of a hundred and eighty large ones to clean that wall? I’ve dropped rollers nearly the length of that wall and all it cost me was a couple hundred bucks in pva! Go buy some dark red prime and cover that shit up for R500! Even once the layers of paint are factored in, unless the municicpality is paying their employees R5000 an hour its hard to see how the extra work would amount to more than a couple thousand rand…it’s one thing blaming us for unsightly vandalism, I have no legitimate defence to that, but lying to the public and saying we cost them outrageous amounts of money really grinds me.

  5. Before anyone gets heated about this again let’s look at who the author is and enjoy the fact that we really don’t have to take this guy seriously, or The Citizen for that matter. While they try and sell the idea of a “vandalism spree” in “revenge” let’s all just focus on the positive response from the public and the current LEGAL MURAL SPREE underway in the city. Leave this fool alone to try and make himself heard in the herd. The trial date is set, the truth about the legality of the wall will be debated, and while we wait WE WILL STILL PAINT. Go find another angle Paul, while we find another wall…

  6. “The wall once enclosed a municipal abattoir” – that is the grossest place i can imagine. Maybe a slew of pig guts and bones will better represent this “ancient” wall? Muppets!

  7. A number of good points…

  8. Last thing @ mymsta, the cost is so high due to the absurd amount charged by ‘s business and pricing solution….

  9. Maybe I should put in a quote to the municipality to “clean” the wall.

    If I quote R50 000 I’m sure to get the job

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