Piece on the Corner: S.A.P.S Video by Amehlo Productions

Video from the first Surface Attack Production Squad project: connecting property owners with artists through legal walls… Corner Cafe, Durban

Corner Peace from Amehlo Productions on Vimeo.


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  1. Beautiful art and even more so because the owner gave permission. In this case art certainly is not a crime. Great advertising for you as well Judd. Winston Park 1987?

  2. Stryder, the wall that the seven arrested artists were painting had been granted to artists to paint before them, on two occasions.

    If the owner had suddenly changed his mind, for whatever reason, he had a duty to inform those kids that what they were doing had become illegal.

    It is a municipal wall and he can be fined for allowing them to have painted it at all, ever. You think maybe that’s why he is denying that they had permission?

    If they had been left to finish, the wall would have looked very similar to The Corner Cafe, if not more striking given the degradation that surrounds it.

  3. 100% correct Ewok. If the person who gave ‘permission’ for the wall to be painted had no right to do so then he should be charged as well. The law works in this way, the police make an arrest and the courts decide the merits of the case. No doubt that if the facts of the case turn out to be as you have stated then these youngsters will be found not guilty. It is unfortunate that vandals have given the artists who only paint on walls they have permission to do so on, a bad name.

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