Paint the Future Party: DURBAN

We, the Life Check Youth Development Initiative need equipment in the form of aerosol for our PAINT THE FUTURE Project, and you are looking for A GOOD TIME and A GOOD CAUSE, so let’s meetup halfway at the ALLIANCE FRANCAISE in Morningside, in DURBAN on Wednesday the 14th of SEPTEMBER  for the PAINT THE FUTURE PARTY 

where your TICKET is in the form of a DONATION of A CAN OR PREMIUM QUALITY AEROSOL.

Lemme break it down:  for R50 WE GET a can of paint for our stockpile for our PTF Project, and YOU GET a good time, a good feeling AND a goodie bag.

What’s in that bag?  Well, that depends on your ticket.

See, for one can of paint (R50), the HARDCORE TICKET, you get the jol, a JET WENTWORTH “Flightpath” e.p. and a customized T-shirt.

For two cans of paint (R100), the CHROME TICKET, you get the jol, a JET WENTWORTH “Flightpath” e.p., a SPITMUNKY album and a customized T-shirt.

Finally, for three cans of paint (R150), the GOLD TICKET, you get the jol, a JET WENTWORTH “Flightpath” e.p., a SPITMUNKY album, a customized T-shirt and an AUTHENTIC CUSTOMIZED ARTWORK courtesy of DC (this could be anything from a peak to a single kick, painted up proper by one of Durbans top writers, a true STREET ART TROPHY for the collector in us all!) 

Checkit, we want to stock up enough paint to be able to approach schools, charities and shelters, and offer our services as professional artists free of charge.  All we need is the paint, so dig out your pink ones, beg from your ballies, put in a couple hours overtime, and COME TO THE PARTY!!!

YES JET WENTWORTH will be performing.

YES SPITMUNKY will be performing.

YES VERANDA-PANDA will be playing.

YES there will be Graffiti on the walls.

YES CADE and FINK will be customizing your kit.

YES there is a cash BAR, a COFFEE SHOP, and SAFE PARKING.

From us, for the love of the WALL, to you, for the love of the JOL, for everyone, for the love of it ALL.


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  1. Hi guys can you make a flyer for (we can copy B&W at AF ) it and spread the word !we will also announce it in our newsletter and FB page;

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