S.A.P.S Wall #5


SAPS Wall #5

A letter from Durban resident Barbie Page, to The Mercury newspaper:

Yesterday I was extremely privileged to watch a group of talented young artists brighten up a drab
neighbourhood wall. My neighbour had complained about the state of the front wall of her property and I suggested inviting a group of graffiti artists to use it as their blank canvas. She jumped at the idea and so I contacted Iain (Ewok) Robinson to come around and have a look at the wall and meet the owner of the property, which he happily did. The group arrived yesterday morning and after cleaning and preparing the wall with steel brushes, settled down to work. Throughout the day I took photographs and constantly uploaded them to Facebook to chronicle the progress. By the early evening the wall had been transformed into a vibrant palette of colour and movement – an eyesore is now a thing of beauty.




What struck me was the peaceful and friendly atmosphere as these young people went about doing what they love- expressing their individuality and talent. The neighbours from our street all came along to have a look, chat with the artists and to show support.


 This kind of art is not subversive. It’s a part of today’s young culture, a form of expression like rap and hip-hop. These youngsters are not vandals- they envision and create form and design where our unimaginative brains are unable to.  They are hugely talented artists, pure and simple, and should be encouraged.



Come on Durban- show them your support. Let them help turn our city into a place as vibrant and colourful as it likes to advertise itself !




Barbie Page – “graff fan”



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  1. stop and wok styles are the only original things on the wall… bleh…

  2. Biggup to all the fellas for pitching in to scrape down, prime and paint up this siff old wall.

    Your styles are cooking and it’s awesome to think of how your mad talent is gonna develop the more you paint.

    Keep the fire burning and your style gonna match it!

  3. Conchita MacDonald

    Gosh how beautiful this is. Well done! Keep making Durban beautiful.

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