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Paint for Palestine

Calling all writers and artists

Paint for Palestine

Israel Apartheid Week 5 – 11 March 2012

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine, held in Cape Town last November (2011), found Israel guilty of the crime of apartheid and the persecution of the Palestinian people.

During IAW 2012, artists and activists around the world will be staging events in protest of this continued crime against humanity, as well as raising awareness and consciousness about the oppression of the Palestinian people.

This is a focussed movement of peaceful protest action, directed not at Israelis, but specifically at the racist apartheid government of Israel.

This call to action originates from within Israel and the Occupied Territories. The international community has been asked by both oppressed Palestinians and their Israeli supporters to observe a movement of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions until Israeli Apartheid is ended and the persecution stops.

PAINT FOR PALESTINE is a call to all street artists and Graffiti Writers to use this week, to promote the Palestinian cause and raise awareness around the fight for human rights that ensues daily within Israel and the Occupied Territories, by creating work with FREE PALESTINE as the theme. The colors of the banned Palestinian Flag are Red, Black, White and Green and have come to symbolize the right to self-determination that the Palestinian people are fighting for.

Painting a fresh piece or production and publicizing it through your social networks will be a push for peace felt far away in a country where a wall is much more then just a cool cats canvas, as well as making a mark on the street that gives a face to the faceless.

Hey, you were gonna paint anyway right? Make this piece count for more then just getting up again.

Freedom for Palestine is freedom for us all.

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