On Sunday August 14th 2011, seven graffiti writers were arrested in Sydney Road, Dalton, Durban. The writers had gathered to paint a legal memorial wall in remembrance of friend and fellow writer Wesley Fischer aka Eiy5.

The group had published the gathering on Facebook, and they had received permission from the perceived owner of the wall. (The details of this are still unclear – it now appears that the wall had been leased from the municipality and so permission was not the individual’s to give. The idea was, nonetheless, that this was a legal arrangement.)

The writers are due to appear in court on September 14th.

The arrest is being reported as a major bust of some sort of graffiti cartel in Durban. The disregard for investigation into the arrangements of this incident- on the part of the writers (via Facebook and agreement with the person seemingly responsible for the wall) seems to be absurd. This focus on hire of private investigators in a major breakthrough for the municipality’s watchdogs is quite something when they are ‘busting’ criminals in broad daylight, at a ‘criminal gathering’ to which these ‘watchdogs’ could have themselves accepted invitation.

This site is a response to the arrests.

  1. Wow, this is sensationalism at its best! I have a relative who is friends with these respectable guys and at first I was worried about the graf scene as a whole but they assured me that they only do legal walls – what a welcome change!

    I think these are very talented artists who are only expressing themselves and letting other people enjoy their art, we should be previledged to be able to publicly view their art whenever we want..

    Relly shocked

  2. the city should give yall legal writting space n recognise that not all art is found in some fancy exebhition

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