We are calling on journalists, graf writers, artists and any individual with a voice on the issue, to contribute to Gangs of Graffiti.  Photographers with images of street art (in Durban or elsewhere) are also asked to submit if you are willing.

We would also like to profile graffiti writers from around the country, to share the idea of the artist rather than the gang-member.  We aren’t just seeking opinions like ours – but a space for TRUE dialogue on this subject.  Something alternative to the singular voice of the mainstream as we see it at the moment.  No mindless mud-slinging.

All contribution to the site is voluntary, no contributors have been paid and individual pieces are the property of the contributors.

To contribute, email

  1. il join the fight!
    i was almost one of the 7…

  2. great initiative…well done
    Durban West Tourism

  3. Hi there.

    Would it be possible to get kirby Kruger’s contact details please?


  4. Hi Cathryn, I’ve directed Kirby to your comment – Libby

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