S.A.P.S Recruitment

Gangs of Graffiti Presents the S.A.P.S. Project

In issuing a call for legal wall space, the Gangs of Graffiti massive has had an overwhelming response from a public that has seen fit to support our efforts at maximizing the talent of young creative Graffiti Artists. We have begun to list a number of available walls on offer (Durban and elsewhere) and we are looking for artists who want to paint IN SUPPORT.

View the brief below for details on how you can get involved.


Surface Attack Production Squad intends to provide as many quality examples of LEGAL GRAFFITI ART both in PUBLIC SPACES as well as through PRIVATE COMMISSIONS as possible, to repay the public for the support that has been generated in favoUr of the 031 AEROSOL SEVEN, and to illustrate clearly the difference between VANDALISM and AEROSOL ART.

JOIN or HIRE the Surface Attack Production Squad (S.A.P.S.):

JOINING  If you are a Graffiti Artist looking to get down on some LEGAL PAINTING with some of the country’s established writers, then join the Surface Attack Production Squad, a non-aligned collective of artists representing various crews who are combining forces to produce as much LEGAL GRAFFITI ART as possible, in support of the 031 AEROSOL SEVEN who are currently awaiting trial.

The criteria for painting an S.A.P.S. wall are simple 

– We are going strictly MURAL with this project so NO crew tags or handstyles on the wall or in the vicinity of the wall by any of the participating artists (any props need to be incorporated into your style or character contribution).
– Two copies of A GLOCKSTARS permission slip must be obtained and in possession of the artists on the wall at all times, one for display, and one for any authorities who might require it.
– The wall must represent, to the fullest extent possible, the collaboration between the owner and the writers, to highlight the potential for community involvement and up-liftment that this type of work can promote and sustain.
– Quality captures of before and after images must be obtained, as well as some kind of comment from the owner or administrator of the wall, for publication on the blog, other social networks, and to be made available to any interested press.

HIRING/REQUESTING – If you have a wall that you would like to offer to the S.A.P.S. then email contact details and a physical address for the wall to the Gangs of Graffiti associates.  Any corporate work requested will be treated as such and negotiation of costs will ensue.  Any PRIVATE walls, strictly for MURAL work, for public appreciation, will result in a 50/50 arrangement, where we bring the paint and the professionals, and you give us the space to do our thing.

email misslibbyallen@gmail.com OR whatkindekse@hotmail.com

  1. wrek kms.fsu.bws

    How do I join ???

  2. we may have som walls need doing to highlight our “green”environment from a Tourism Angle.Can you assist.No funds – passion is what we are looking for

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