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Painting a Future

The project has begun…

Inspired by Durban’s legal aerosol squad PAINT THE FUTURE (PTF) is open to any and all 031 ‘aerosolistas.’ PAINTING A FUTURE is a Gangs of Graffiti and Step Up Gallery initiative with simple enough objectives: painting big beautiful walls for schools and shelters and other places of refuge, using our art to recognize the role these institutions play in our society and promoting their work by rewarding them with this unique type of recognition. We’re promoting a professional approach to producing murals and productions from participating artists, to develop our art as a professional pursuit, a career choice as well as a passion.

Wanna paint?

Step 1 – secure a wall: approach a school or a shelter in your area, or that you know of, which would appreciate some stylish paint work and get them to agree

Step 2 – produce a proper plan, including a sketch and some specs of the wall (get a few before shots, measure the space out, play with some ideas in your blackbook)

Step 3 – hit us up at Gangs of Graffiti with the plan and the details of the space and we will hook you up with some paint

Step 4 – rock it!

Step 5 – Send us photos of the finished work and we will blog it and publicize it, far and wide…

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