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Paint the Future Party: Alliance Franscaise

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Success!  R1500 through the door equals approximately 30 cans of premium paint, plus onetwo outside donations and the generous sponsorship of 100 CANS from Durbans premier underground art store STEP UP GALLERY (Sandy Centre, Pinetown), all together creating a thick rack of color to be lovingly and finely processed and produced upon our awaiting cityscape!

With performances by SPITMUNKY and JET WENTWORTH, customization from FINK and CADE, shirt stencilling from PTF Crew, and a host of heads nodding and chilling and celebrating the postponement of the trial of the 031 Aerosol 7, this evening was a fresh approach to catalization through cans and capitilization on cannisters…much respect to all involved in pulling this off…Durban stays fresh once again!


Open Letter – Cape Town PTF Member

To Whom It May Concern

On Sunday morning I received news from a friend that friends of mine had been arrested for painting what was well known by all as “the eiy5 memorial jam”, an event organized and promoted online for the participation of any artist who wished to pay tribute to a fellow artist. This even had huge support from local stores, nationwide artists and was planned to be a day of remembrance and celebration of a young man who tragically lost his life far too early 5 years ago. The news of their arrest startled me as the event was publicized as legal and was organized at a location known all over South Africa as a wall where graffiti is allowed legally and a tourist attraction for graffiti murals to be viewed when in Durban. Many events had been organized there before, often you will see the wall in the backdrop of magazine ads and music video backgrounds, these back drops supplied free of charge by the artists purely in the spirit of expressing themselves on a legal wall through their art which requires more space than a small canvas and a lot more skill than many of South Africa’s praised artists. Read the rest of this entry

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