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Support the Aerosol Seven – Letter from Melanie Van der Walt

Firstly I just need to validate your article – on why the Aerosol Seven should not be charged – as very well written! Secondly I would like to bring the point back to the more humanitarian side of this whole incident.

I have in honest truth never really been introduced to the culture of graffiti. Not that I don’t like it – it is art – and art is in the end in the eye of the beholder. But I do live for culture, such as skateboarding and surfing where “normality” and the every-Saturday-rugby-scene are not appealing at all. I used to skate, but being a mother and having a career, the body doesn’t seem to fit these days. My own fault of course.

I met one of those involved, spoke to him. And it has been a while since I befriended someone (as most publications in relation hereto would state as “youngster”), who has such good manners and personality… And being described as a vandal and branded as a criminal just doesn’t suit AT ALL! You know that he is after all (as most of the group or maybe even all) an honest working person as well.

But what really saddens me is the fact that I published some poetry and that he actually asked me about it – but never even mentioned the fact that he is so talented himself. If the actions were intended to “destroy and destruct” the city walls, don’t they honestly think these “illicit gang members” would go about bragging? But now their right to their talent is being denied. And silence must prevail … And the label he must carry is as a vandal and nihilist.

I work with REAL criminals quite often and the CHARGES the Metro wants to impose are highly misplaced and I will personally strive to get him the best legal help in my ability as possible, which proper defense all of them deserve!


– Meanie Van der Walt


So Much More Than Graffiti – Mr Paynter

A quick note to the Great City of Durban, (A City I love. Enough to wear her name under my skin.)

The joke of an arrest which spawned this very site has the police (and our local government I’m sure) patting each-other on the back and grinning ear to ear for their catching of these “hardened gangsters”.

Meanwhile, I for one have been overwhelmingly warmed by the intelligence of our city’s people in reply to this media-propaganda and their seeing right through the very thin woolen veil the authorities have tried to pull over their eyes.

Whilst I know the guys involved, my letter is not to say up graffiti, up art, up free thought or even  up basic creativity because these thoughts and feelings have been covered extensively, I will say however that the uneasy feeling stirring in a lot of people around this situation is indicative of a rising attitude of disenchantment and dissatisfaction. This is our city and the last time I checked, this is a democracy, and with the media hype surrounding this fiasco is handing us a rather large chance to be heard, on the proverbial golden platter. Read the rest of this entry

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