The Mission

By creating the “Gangs Of Graffiti” blog –

We are determined to end, finally, the general misconception that a spray-can immediately equals crime.  To us, this is like saying that a Microphone immediately equals Hate Speech, that a gun immediately equals murder, or that a penis immediately equals rape.  We believe that this lack of awareness amongst the general public is due largely to the continued misrepresentation of Graffiti Art by the popular press.  The name “Gangs of Graffiti” is intended to take the common negative representation of this art-form and turn it into something positive.  If we cannot stop the media associating “gangs” with Graffiti, then we are going to give that association a positive connotation.

Our main aim is to emphasize all of the most positive aspects of Graffiti Art and the culture of free expression that it actively inspires and promotes.  These aspects include the use of the spray-paint medium in the aesthetic upliftment of degraded public spaces; the avenue of expression that this Art-form offers any individual who practices through the medium; the development in an individual of a sense of personal ownership over one’s innate talents; and the sense of community responsibility and social awareness that is offered through the legal practice of Graffiti Art.

Our blog chooses to offer an engagement with and promotion of intelligent discourse around the subject of Graffiti Art; a defence of artists who engage in the medium from any uninformed authority that should choose to wrongfully attack them; a new space from which the art-form may be witnessed by those outside of its practice; and a contact and connection and rallying point for any other artists from any other medium who suffer the same apparent victimization due to ignorance and irresponsible journalism.

All posts and publications that appear on our blog shall satisfy the general impetus of the above statement.

  1. Respect to all the artists out there. You are the heaart and soul of our impoverished society. Keep it up , we depend on you!!

  2. wrek kms.fsu.bws

    Plz let me know what I can do to help !! I’m fighting with people and I’m sitting in jhb plz spk to the accused I’ve been re laying with them

  3. writers unite!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. im behind this movement.. Lets change society’s perceptions of what art “is”..

  5. wrek kms.fsu.bws

    Aweh writers united !!!!!!

  6. awesome spot, another step towards the growth of this artform!! keep on keeping on yo!

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